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Lawyers at law firms wear many hats; Managing an Online Presence shouldn’t be one.

As the son of a Lawyer, I have experienced first-hand how challenging and competitive the law arena is. Every slight advantage counts, and law professionals know how to make big out of every little opportunity. I believe it is this competitive nature of the work that makes this profession attractive and scary at the same time. 

And this is how it should be. The core competence of an attorney or the law firm directly alters their client’s life immensely. Everyone wants to be represented by the best, someone who is competent and means business. When in the era of technology, most potential clients’ first interaction with your portfolio is through your website, having an ‘old-uncompetitive-slow-unresponsive-unsecured’ website could be a blunder. On the other hand, having a Digital presence that is at par or better than your biggest competition can give you a head start on the right foot.

And from what I have known, observing my dad since childhood, successful lawyers and law firms don’t miss a window of opportunity to win.

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When someone finally has to choose an attorney, in their head, it is a life or death decision; in the same way, someone selects a surgeon. An incompetent doctor gives us an easy death, but an incompetent lawyer can make our lives hard.

Your Clients need to Know, Understand and TRUST your ability to make their problems vanish like Barnard Madoff vanished his losses.

One of the biggest problems these days is that the less skilled but young professionals know how to harness the power of conviction through the internet and attract-retain clients.

At the same time, the battle-hardened professionals trust their experience and start losing clients because they don’t harness the power Effectively through Digital Transformation.

This is where Estheticize’s website design and related digital services for law firms and attorneys come into the picture. We create a fabulous digital presence for you, where you will show your fantastic portfolio and services and share your story in an engaging format. We help your transformation from a service provider to a ‘Trusted Brand‘.

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My project-1 (6)-min
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The first line of code or graphical assets we will provide for you will be a step to enforce your Brand value. We believe in creating brands rather than just being another service provider on the internet.

There are various steps and stages we go through to make this happen. Some of these steps give instant results, like a better conversion rate from a website visitor to a client with our engaging and descriptive law firm or attorney custom website design and development. At the same time, some of the other stages take time to give results, like the SEO service, which will allow you to be the top-ranked law firm or attorney in your area.

Once we start working together, Estheticize will take care of ALL the technical aspects of your business without adding cost for many of these services like setting up Business Email accounts, configuring servers or hosting, providing SLL certificates, security check-upsetting up services, and much more.

Our complete Digital Transformation solution comprises website development, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing. Once we analyze your requirements and the time you can commit, we can plan the best services to achieve your goals.

When You Grow We Grow

Our 3 Step rule for the Best ROI for our Clients.



Identify your competition. We analyze your local competition and also the industry leaders around the world. 



Then we make a descriptive plan to work together to put you ahead of the competition through Website design services,



Although we plan everything, we implement one thing at a time to see what works best for your brand.

We identify which keywords, services and niches can give you the best result and ROI.

We have 6+ Years of experience and have delivered over 80 website projects with a 5-star review on Google. We underpromise and over-deliver because our labour pays off when someone is delighted by our work.

Apart from being aesthetic and engaging, our websites are Secured by the latest technologies like SSL, Sucuri, Firewalls, and code written by following the best practices. We extensively use CDN, Cache technology and content-optimizing tools to make your website Fast and Reliable.

When it comes to adding features, we leave no stones unturned. Some of the popular features that we provide on websites from Law firms and attorneys according to top their requirements are:

  • Appointment Booking
  • Smart Client Management Portal
  • SEO and Product listing.
  • Auto-generated E-Book reader from PDF.
  • Blogs/NEWS optimized for SEO and SMO.
  • Custom Pricing Calculator.
  • Integration with National Courts and Government websites.
  • Online Chat, Office Management System, ticket system, etc.
  • Much more.

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Branding And Logo Designs

Elevate your brand with our brand design services and stand out in the crowd.

We specialise in custom logo designs and crafting aesthetic brand identities. We aim to provide our clients with professional yet niche-related branding services targeted at turning their audiences into clients.

Powerful brands disrupt the status quo with unique products, clear purpose, and compelling look, feel, and tone of voice. Partner with Estheticize's creative team to transcend the formulaic, presenting your brand identity in a consistent, persuasive manner across your customer touchpoints and driving performance in business, marketing, and brand loyalty.

Print & Social Media Designs

We believe your brand's every design is part of its grand narrative, and they should tell a chapter of the more comprehensive book. 

From your timeline cover to your display picture, everything can be designed professionally to create a lasting impact on visitors. Your social media impression matters if you are the head of a business. So do not leave a stone unturned to ensure the best social media design.

Our print media team has the skills to create striking visual aids for your advertisements. We enhance how your business is conveyed while furthering audience engagement with irresistibly niche content. A creative design makes all the difference, so let our creatives deliver a print media design that’s versatile, suits your branding needs, and grows your results.

our strategy

3 Constants - Change | Choice | Principles


Delivered over 80 Websites for 50+ Clients since 2017.

Rated 5 stars on Google.


I constantly assess my systems and processes to learn how to get things done in the smartest way for my clients and their business.


By staying clear about our goals and motivations, we build trust with our clients and teams—the foundation of great teamwork.

Client Value Creation

We focus on our clients’ business drivers to deliver maximum value and exceed their expectations.

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