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Cloud Deployment Services helps enable competitive advantage

Quickly and easily deploy application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments. Solution blueprints are optimized in design and build through service management integration. The Cloud can do big things for your business, as long as the complexity and risk involved with migration is handled by experts. 

I am trained and certified in the different deployment methodologies that are suitable for medium and large enterprises and will map out a clear path to success depending on your requirements, budget and timeline.


How Cloud Deployment benefits you.

  • Faster and simplified deployments. Automate builds that deploy code, databases and application releases, including resource provisioning.
  • Cost savings. Control costs using consumption-based pricing and eliminate capex-heavy on-premises environments.
  • Platform for growth. Leverage the global infrastructure provided by cloud service providers (CSPs) to seamlessly expand the business into other geographies.
  • New digital business models. Exploit the continuous release of features and services by CSPs, incubate new technologies and innovate digital business models.
  • Business resiliency. Architect for the availability and fault-tolerance CSPs offer and ensure disaster recovery and business continuity of applications to make the business resilient.
  • A competitive edge. Leverage infrastructure as code and development, security and operations (DevSecOps) to reduce the time to market for new features and stay ahead of the competition.
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  • Agility and scalability. Use autoscaling and scalability to meet peak demands of the business without provisioning for excess capacity.
  • Geographic reach. Access applications from any location, on any device, leveraging the connectivity backbone of CSPs.
  • Operational efficiency. Use the inherent automation enabled by cloud to increase operational efficiency and reduce human effort.
  • Empowered users. Increase productivity by empowering users with self-service options on cloud, such as portals, DevOps pipelines and executive and operational dashboards.
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